1. Set your goals the day before

First thing, in order to be productive, you need to set your goals for the day to come so that you can have a clear vision on what you need to do. You can write things down the night before or in the morning and make a To Do List by prioritizing your tasks. You will be able the to go tasks by tasks more easily

2. Wake up early

Waking up early is key and I know it is hard but turn off your snooze button and set your alarm a little bit early than usual. Your day will appear longer and you will be able to achieve more things. You can start waking up by doing something you like for a few minutes (watch a video, read a book, prepare breakfast...).

3. Make your bed / Clean your room

Make your bed in the morning ! This is an easy task to do and you will have the illusion to have achieved one of the task you need to do. Also, if your environment is clean, you will be more productive and you won't want to come back to bed. Take 10 minutes to clean your room to set your environment and clear your head.

4. Break the tasks down

Let's say you have an essay to write, break the main tasks into smaller tasks. Start by writing what you want to achieve for the day and then, list the process:

  • Make your plan
  • Star the researches
  • Highlight the main points
  • On a paper, write all your ideas for each paragraphs
  • Write your introduction & conclusion
  • Start writing your paragraph 

 This will make your whole task more manageable and easy to do to.                                

5. Don't procrastinate

Don' think and just START. Don't think on how hard or unpleasant it is, just get started. The first step is always the hardest, so once you've started you will realize it is not that hard and then you will finish it and get to the next step.

6. Set your environment

Like I said before, you need do be in a pleasant environment in order to feel motivated to work. Apart from cleaning, you can change your work environment during the day. You can start working at your place, then move to another room of your apartment, go to the library, at a friend's house. First, you will be able to have a little break and second, you won't have the feeling that you've been working for a tones of hours. Also, put your phone away, you will be even more efficient in your work and you will finish sooner.

7. Make a break

Making a break is essential. Take 15-20 minutes of break to clear your head and take a step back on your work. You will come back more productive . You can also work with a healthy snack in order to have more energy and make it more pleasant.

8. Working out

Grab your headphones and go working out. You don't have to workout for an hour, even 20 or 30 minutes will be enough to clear your mind and boost yourself. You will feel more confident, positive and relaxed at the end of your workout and will encourage you for the next thing to come.You can workout in the morning to start your day the right way or later at night, to destress from your day.

9. Find the right motivation

It order to be efficient in your work you need to find the right motivation. It means you need to know why your are doing this and why this is for your own good. Even if it is unpleasant, it is beneficial for you do to it and project yourself after it. It will probably motivates you to get started. Also, you can plan something for after, like going out with your friends or going out for dinner so that you can have a source of motivation.

10. Plan your week

Set your next days to come and plan your week. Make a list of what you want to achieve for the week and put it down into a diary. You will feel more organized and it will reduce stress. You will feel like everything is set to be done and more easy to achieve. My tip is to buy a diary where you can see you whole week on the two pages, so that you can anticipate each day.