SEPTEMBER // Entering a new year & being  fearless

Hello baaack! <3

The end of summer is nearly approaching and it may sucks for most people because it means getting back to school, uni or work right? But I have to say I love September, I always have actually. Not only because it's my birthday month but also because it is a fair occasion to set new objectives for the "year" to come (I love setting goals & objectives obviously). But It's not only about just "setting goals", it's about trying to live your best life and do even better than 6 months ago or a year ago.

No matter what you are entering in September, a new school, a new job or going back to the usual, set all the things you want to change or improve this year, or the things you want to undertake. And don't just write them, believe in your ability and capacity to undertake them. I'm sure you have a lot on your mind when I'm talking about new objectives, and don't be afraid to dream too big. Be afraid not to dream at all. Whether it's a small change like cleaning your bedroom more often or something bigger, like starting a brand new project or activity, stick yourself to those objectives because small goals create bigger goals. This point leads me to my last point and it is to be Fearless. Meaning, don't be afraid of failing, don't be afraid to say something wrong and look stupid, don't be afraid to be different or do differently. Actually, try to think out of the box and do the things your neighbor is too afraid to do because I'm sure you will do just great :) 

So welcome back to my personal blog. Can't wait for this New Year. I actually missed posting during this summer because I found it selfmotiving to write and I hope you found it too, even if it's just a litttttle bit.

I have many "motivational kind of post" I want to incorporate this year, so for all of you who needed motivation, I hope they will be helpful. Also, I will post new series on "how to be organized for the new year" and other new things as well. So keep posted and until then... <3