Must have during your holidays:

1.  Wanderful : The modern bohemian's guide  to traveling in style

Why do we love it:

Wanderful is a stylish and travelogue for the adventurous and nomadic at heart. Follow in Andi's footsteps as she travels the US to discover some of its most effortlessly chic destinations.

Perfect for anyone with a wandering spirit, will make you want to pack a cute bag,throw on your best outfit, and hit the road for stylish adventure

2. Beach bag & beach sandals

Why do we love it:

Because it's super trendy this summer (like every summer actually), super useful to pack everything you need to go to the beach, and just super cute! Same for the beach sandals, you can forget your havaianas once a while throw on cute platforms

3. MOANA Body Cream

Why do we love it:  

Because its smell screams summertime and is irresistible. You can throw it easily in your beach bag and stay hydrated all day long

4. Cute Notebooks

Without any surprise, my must have for my trip will be notebooks. You can capture moments by making a cute collage with cute picture or you can make a logbook by writing down what you did, what you saw, the name of people you've met, restaurants you loved, ideas you had... Notebook are easy to pack and always useful. 

5. Sunglasses

Back to the 90's! Because you won't have many occasions,except from the summertime to wear cute glasses that reminds us the 90's. You can find a tons of cute and small sunglasses, so lets all make a 90's throwback.

6. Jewelry

Nothing is better than cute jewelry on a tan skin! Gold or silver, pick whatever you like and jewelry are never too much!

7. Tea

You can bring your favorites tea with you to relax at the hotel , and cleanse your body after the burger you had at lunch !

8. Night Dress

Because getting ready after a long day at the beach, for a night out is always fun, so pack your cutest dresses for a romantic dinner of a girls night out, it can never let you down!