Interior - The bedding

Home sweet home

Want to give a new breath to your bedroom? Start by choosing your theme first, the universe and style you want to give to your bedroom and the atmosphere in which you want to live. This will allow you to choose your decorative elements in accordance with your desires of the moment. Bohemian spirit, chic or modernist, get some inspiration through decorating magazines or on Pinterest and find your style. After the Pink Vibe room,  I opted for a more bohemian chic, aztec vibe and I love it! So here are the few tricks I've learned >>
1. Decorate your walls 

Pictures, posters, wallpaper, wall hangings ... give life to your room through this cheap and easy technic

.Pictures: ikea, 

Other wall elements: Maison du monde

3. Add some color 

In order to add more life and style to your room, vary the materials and add a touch of color here and there through your decorating elements

 Cushions: Maison du monde & Asos

4. Give warmth to your environment 

Wicker baskets are the perfect touch to bring warmth to your room and it's super trendy

Basket: Asos 

Carpet: Asos

6. White 

White fits with everything! so opt for plain sheets: white, off-white, light gray, light pink! this will bring light to your room and allow you to opt for any style you want .

2. Cushions 

For a cozy atmosphere and a volume effect, put on cushions on your bed. And to bring a bit more dimension to your room, vary the shapes: square, rectangular, round, fabric, fur ...

5. Green touch

 To give life to your room, opt for greenery: flowers, plants, on your bedside table, at the foot of your bed ,whatever, this will add this green effect we want instantly 

7. Bedside table 

Decorate your bedside table with wicker basket, books, cups, plants, candles and a beautiful lamp! You can also add light string for a cozy effect at night!

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