ESSENTIALS: How to take care of your hair & skin

Hair products

1. masks

These masks from 'Lush' will make your hair shiny and bring a little bit more volume! Their hair balms are handmade and cost between 10 and 20 €. Application lasts about 20 minutes. 
Here we have the ROOTS at 19,95 € and the H'SUAN WEN HUA at 13,95 € 
ROOTS: ++ restores volume, easy to apply, nice smell, affordable price and reasonable quantity 
ROOTS: -- ? 
H'SUAN WEN HUA: ++ Instant result once the hair are dried, affordable price
 H'SUAN WEN HUA: - very strong smell

2. hair growth

- You can start by using shampoos with castor oil, they are very effective! Price: about 6 €. 

- Make  coconut masks to bring hydration and shine to your hair. Coconut oil also promotes hair growth. Apply once a week and leave overnight. You can find coconut oil in supermarkets in the organic department!

 - You can also add castor oil to the root of your hair to help your hair grow faster! Tip: apply castor oil head down and massage gently. Price: about 5 € 

- Option: you can also take some supplements such as Biotin, royal jelly or barm for better results. (also found in supermarkets)

3. other hair products

1. After your shampoo and conditionner do not hesitate to apply a hair mask hair, in the shower for about 3 to 4 minutes. Here we have the 'Maui' mask for dry and damaged hair. 10 € at Monoprix 
2. You can also use - night masks, available at Sephora, with a whole wide range of different flavours , only for € 3.99.

 3. Finally do not neglect your hair brush and favor those used by professionals like the GHD one which is great!

Skincare products

1. Scrub, Mask and Moisturizer 

1. Scrub and Mask from CATTIER, ideal for  sensitive skins. To apply once or twice a week, can be found at Monoprix

2. Moisturizer face mask , to leave about 15 minutes, available at Sephora ,about 4 €. ++: wide range for different desires (green tea, pineapple, seaweed, orchid, lychee, coconut ...), very reasonable price

2. glowing skin
Finish it all by applying a moisturizing  cream (this one comes from L'Oréal: about 12 €) and some floral water spray from Sanoflore for a completely awake complexion!