1. Stop procrastinating

    -Do the things now

    -Stop putting of until tomorrow things you could do today

    "Discipline create the way of life"

    2. Gym at least 4 times / week

    -Go to the gym early in the morning or late at night

    -Stay there between 30 minutes to an hour

    -Continue Yoga @home

    3. Eat healthy

    -Reduce snacks

    -Healthy food during the week & "cheat meals" during the week end

    4. Save money

    -Make a "budget plan" every month

    -Follow it

    5. Travel

    -Organize week ends

    -Travel as much as possible this summer

    6. Read more

    -Read at least one book / month (english or french)

    -Read more the press

    7. Write everyday

    -Keep on writing everyday on my "Monthly and Yearly journal" to keep tracking

    8. Pass my licence

    9. Keep on working for WOON

    -Blog post

    -Online shop

    10. Take better habits

    -To force oneself when it is necessary


    -Cook more