1. Get out of your house, go for a run, a walk, a drive with some good music
  2. See your friends, meet new people
  3. Go get some inspiration from the internet, youtube, a book, a new person
  4. Clean your apartment / bedroom, rearrange your furniture
  5. Change your sheets " never underestimate the power of a hot coffee, clean sheets and a long shower"
  6. Drink something warm you like
  7. Go to the cinema / restaurant / theater / museum
  8. Start something new: drawing, new sport, cooking, instrument, yoga, it may surprises you!
  9. Plan your week / month - have a clear vision on what's coming next (post on "Journaling")
  10. Go shopping
  11. Read a good book
  12. Take care of yourself - cocooning night: pamper yourself, movie night, hot chocolate, warm clothes
  13. Help somebody out: not necessarily someone you know ( for example : bring a rug to a homeless)
  14. Listen to good music, discover new playlists
  15. Paint your nails, have a new haircut, try new hairstyle, buy a new lipstick - change your appearance 
  16. Discover new places, new coffee shops, new spots
  17. Start a healthy routine : workout  and eat healthy
  18. Go visit someone you didn't see for a long time
  19. Take pretty pictures of your city or places you like to go to
  20. Write all the things your are grateful for
  21. Make a sleepover with your friends
  22. Watch new series, a good movie
  23. Make a dream board ( you print a selection of all the pictures that inspire and motivate you and you stick them on your wall)
  24. Plan something new: go to Disneyland, to the spa, for a hike, to the rink
  25. Give yourself some weekly challenge ( eg : no smoking / 1,5 L of water per day / no elevators / reading every night)
  26. Cook dinner for your friends, your lover, your parents...
  27. Sort your things, make a bedroom makeover, paint your walls
  28. Take care of your animal if you have one, go for a walk
  29. Get some wine, go on a night out with your friends
  30. Take a nap, cry it out if you need it