You are probably wondering where the name came from? Actually, it doesn't  mean anything. It's pronounced WOON, like the "moon" but with a "W" at the beginning. My name is Victoria, so I guess we can say that the "Double V" stands for my name. I've made my brand because I love to create and I got inspiration from a lot of different people. 
The idea behind WOON is to offer you through this blog, as many life hacks as possible, covering different fields like fitness, food, beauty, travel and so much more. All this, from my personal experiences of course. You will find some outfit ideas, free fitness programs, easy recipes to recreate, videos, advices, life organization tips, makeup, quotes, and hopefully some inspiration.
I have other projects for this blog, that I hope will see the light, like creating a first WOON collection.
But one thing at a time, right.

This blog is not just about beauty. The real message behind WOON is to embrace yourself a little bit more everyday and become that #Woongirl, who just goes for it no matter what.

Welcome to my world, and I hope you'll come along for the ride ☽♡☼

- Love -



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"Everything you want is on the other side of fear"